Posted on Monday, 9 January

a friend reveals that he is the main voice in a barber shop quartet with his brother and father after finishing just the way you are over a cognac sidecar in a crowded living room while a cook decides whether or not to remove a bandaid on his birthday

Posted on Tuesday, 22 November

man reads from a prepared script the process of enabling a computer to recognize his voice rather than have it understand what he’s saying 

Posted on Saturday, 12 November

an old emergency broadcast recording enjoins vacationers standing under the awning of a bank to evacuate ahead of an incoming weather system 

Posted on Tuesday, 8 November

two friends sit on an ugly couch facing closed windows and try to play wine glasses one more successfully than the other

Posted on Tuesday, 18 October

tries to sum up his reason for quitting in a sentence

Posted on Tuesday, 26 July

a self-employed de-hoarderdescribes the psychological process of learning to let go of collections of dishes turned to coral 

Posted on Sunday, 17 July

a man riding the train argues with friends over the phone that the proof of love lies with whether one is willing to die for the other and that sylvia is as good as dead if it came down to it

Posted on Tuesday, 14 June

a story about a five-minute window to get across town veers towards gifting truck nuts and truckers who expect happy endings

Posted on Saturday, 11 June

mc choppy dee freestyles for company while two in a trio discuss an obituary and the third remains silent at a coffee shop

Posted on Monday, 9 May

the devil in the body of gen patton describes those who fear fear while struggling with his mouth in the hard blue light of a renovated garage